In the Yule-Glow, Book 1

In the Yule-Glow, Book 1



Genre: Christmas

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"If, gentle reader, you will step across this threshold, now, as the moon rises, in the keen Christmas air, and will find a place by the ruddy ingle within-doors, you may hear, if you will, a Babel of voices from many lands, telling over the adventures of the road and falling into the good-fellowship of the happy Christmas season." In this wise does Mr. Morris welcome us to the good cheer in "In the Yule-Log Glow." These three dainty volumes contain Christmas tales and Christmas poems "from 'round the world;" they are full of the glad spirit of the season, and they celebrate it in manifold ways, but in uniform excellence of manner. In the first volume we find three delightful bits by the editor, one a translation from Daudet. Then there are stories from the German, the Russian and the Norwegian—from Tolstoi, Georg Schuster and Bjornson—giving to the collection a wide variety of interest and a cosmopolitan coloring.

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