Lost & Panic On The Streets

Lost & Panic On The Streets



Author: Corelibra2

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If only we read about the Good Samaritan from the Holy Scriptures or read about countless humans who have, at one chronological dispensation saved a situation or an individual from the jaws of death, perhaps another life could have been saved on a daily basis. Perhaps another death could have been averted. Perhaps another pyre could have been saved till another day or dismantled and possibly never needed except for firewood.
The disturbing matter is no one wants to be in the news for one reason or the other. No one wants to shoulder another human’s obvious responsibility while theirs is left unmanaged. No one desires to help the needy that languish in abject poverty around them. No one wishes to save a life if it is likely to endanger theirs. The truism remains incontrovertible: every human lives for themselves, every soul desires to fatten themselves and virtually no one puts the philoxenia of others before their personal comfort. By this ‘philoxenia’ I mean ‘hospitality’. (And that is what I have just done: refusal to consider the layman who picks up this book, by intention or accident, to read!) …

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